First Aid Kits

Portable Workplace First Aid Kit: Hard Case

  • Portable kit is made from robust and durable polypropylene plastic with a carry handle for convenience
  • Includes additional tray for easy storage
  • Case dimensions: 420 x 200 x 230mm (W x H x D)

Kit Content

Burns, Bites & Stings

•Antiseptic Spray 50ml x 1
•Hydrogel Sachet 3.5g x 5

Eye Injury

•Eye Pad x 4
•Sodium Chloride (Saline) Pods 20ml x 8

CPR, Rescue & Survival

•Blanket - Thermal x 1
•Resuscitation-Safe Face Shield - Disposable x 1

•Adhesive Non-Woven Tape 2.5cm x 5m x 1
•Biohazard Bag x 1
•First Aid Booklet x 1
•Forceps - Disposable x 1
•Nitrile Gloves Pack (Pairs) x 5
•Pen x 1
•Plastic Bag Zip Lock (Small) x 2
•Plastic Bag Zip Lock (Medium) x 2
•Plastic Bag Zip Lock (Large) x 2
•Register Of Injuries Book x 1
•Safety Pins - Assorted x 12
•Scissors x 1
•Splinter Probe - Disposable x 10